Baby of Pregnant Traffic Police Officer Dies – Wrongful Death


The Sanz Family of New York suffered two tragedies recently: the wrongful death of a mother and the death of an infant child. Unfortunately, tragedies like this are far too common in busy cities. Donnette Sanz, a traffic police officer, was on her lunch break when she was crossing the street. An older driver did not see her, hit her and threw her into the path of a school bus. Mrs. Sanz was pinned under the school bus and rescue workers were called to the area. Mrs. Sanz survived the delivery of a 7 month old child but died 1 hour after child birth. survived the delivery but died about an hour later in an emergency operating room. She was seven months pregnant. The infant spent some time in the intensive care unit but ultimately died. Investigation revealed that the negligent driver had his license suspended over 20 times. Drivers and people like this should stay off the road. If any case cries out for justice, it is this one. The Sanz Family received a good deal of press and sympathy from the public; however, the loss of a mother and a newborn is a tragedy that will remain with the family forever.

There are criminal and civil ramifications from such a case. Due to the driver’s history, I have concerns if he even had insurance or was insurable. Mrs. Sanz was on her lunch break. As such, worker’s compensation may not apply. Hopefully, the Sanz Family had uninsured motorist coverage in place which may provide for benefits / insurance coverage. As for the criminal case, it appears that the driver will be prosecuted. This driver needs to be kept off the road and serve time for the tragic deaths caused by his negligent and reckless driving. You can read more about this incident at Baby of Pregnant Woman Hit by Runaway Van Dies.

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