Avoiding Dog Bites in Florida: Tips for Children

Dogs are part of American society. I grew up with dogs and have a great dog in my home. Whether a dog is a pure bred or a mutt like mine, a dog is still an animal.


When a dog is put near food, stress or a new situation, a dog may end up biting a child. The Humane Society Web Site has published tips on avoiding dog bites.

As a child, I was bitten two times by a dog. Each time I ran away from a charging dog. I made a mistake each time. I would have been far wiser for me to stand still rather than run. I was lucky enough to heal from my wounds with only an ER visit and a few small sticthes. Other children are not that lucky and are scarred and more serious injured every day. Over the years, I have handled a number of dog bite cases from minor injuries to significant scarring and infection form the bite. Review the Humane Society Prevention Tips with your child. If your child has already been bitten by a dog and you need advice and guidance. Contact a medical professional for medical care including medications, infection control, and revision surgery. Contact a Florida Dog Bite Attorney for issues relating to medical bills, pain and suffering and compensation.

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