Autopsy Confirms that Deaths of Small Children in Tampa Were Accidental


The St. Petersburg (Florida) Times recently reported that the deaths of two small children who were left in a hot car were accidental. The children were taken to a Tampa hospital with unusually high body temperatures. The children (Zionna Ervin – 18 months old – and Kaden Warren – 5 months old) both died at the hospital. These tragic deaths could have been avoided if their father (Michael Ervin, Jr.) had taken the time to remove the children from the hot car. Leaving small children in a vehicle unattended for any reason is unacceptable and dangerous. In addition to the dangers created by unusually hot or cold weather, children are at risk for other injuries, wandering away, and abduction when left in a vehicle. You can read more about this story at Autopsy Confirms that Deaths of Children Left in Car Were Accidental.

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