Autopsy Confirms that 2 Year Old Girl (Shaianna Hare) Died From Asphyxiation


An autopsy of Shaianna Hare, a 2 year old girl from Oxford, Florida, revealed that she died from asphyxiation by a Burmese Python snake. It was a tragic death that could have been prevented if the snake was placed in a more secure environment. The snake is still alive after it was treated for stab wounds inflicted by the owner to remove the snake from the girl. A criminal investigation is underway. No criminal charges have been filed as of yet. You can read more about this story at Autopsy Confirms that Snake Asphyxiated 2 Year Old Girl Causing Death.

The owner of the snake did not have a license for the snake. There are also questions as to the type of living environment used to house the snake. When a person commits to own any exotic animal or domestic animal for that matter, precautions must be taken to protect children from being harmed by the animal.