Automobile Accident in Miami (Dolphin Expressway) Leads to Death of Two Teens and Injuries to Rear Passenger


In Miami, Florida, a terrible automobile accident was reported. The accident took place on the Dolphin Expressway when the vehicle crashed into a median and a pole. Tragically, the driver (Alejandra Maria Gomez – Age 17) and the front passenger (Jennifer Garcia – Age 18) died at the scene of this Florida automobile accident. A third passenger was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center at Jacksonville Memorial Hospital.

The deaths resulted from this automobile accident are certainly a great loss to the respective families and communities. It was reported that the accident took place at approximately 2:30 a.m. News reports indicated that the car split in half as a result of the impact. Due to the circumstances of the accident and deaths involved, a full Florida homicide investigation will be completed by local law enforcement and / or the Florida Highway Patrol. See Teens Die in Accident on Dolphin Expressway in Miami, Florida.

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