Autistic Child Killed by Mother Who Confesses to Crime

Autistic children in Florida and in other States, including Illinois, deserve and are entitled to protection under the law from harm by other people, institutions, schools, and yes, in some instances, their parents.

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A 3 years old autistic child was killed by her mother by suffocation with a garbage bag. Karen McCarron said that she loved her child – but hated the autism. McCarron attempted to kill her child three days before the murder but trying to use a pillow but was unsuccessful. You can read more about this tragic story at the USAToday Website at Illinois Mom Confesses to Killing an Autistic Child.

I personally know three families who have an autistic child. There children are boys (a majority of autistic children are male and they have different abilities and varied development. The parents that I know love their children. While they are challenged by the curve ball in life that autism has thrown them, they all are doing their best to deal with these challenges. Love is always the answer not murder.

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