ATV Accidents and Injuries to Children are Preventable in Florida and Other States


ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) accidents and injuries to children are preventable in Florida and elsewhere. Injuries from ATV accidents include fractures, abrasions, lacerations, head trauma, and in some instances death. The Daily Mail, a New York based website, reported that ” a recently released government report indicates that 555 Americans — including more than 100 youth — died from injuries sustained in all-terrain vehicle accidents nationwide last year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission further revealed that an additional 146,600 people received emergency room treatment for ATV-related injuries in 2006 (the most recent year numbers are available for).

The report also noted the top 10 states for ATV fatalities between 1982 and 2006. In order, they are Pennsylvania, 420; California, 418; West Virginia, 398; Texas, 386; Kentucky, 367; <strong>Florida, 349; Tennessee, 322; New York, 303; North Carolina, 297; and Michigan, 296.”

The Daily Mall posted a good article on the use and dangers of ATV at ATV Accidents Are Preventable.

Injuries caused by ATVs are often times covered by homeowner’s insurance of the owner of the ATV. If your child is injured on the ATV of another person, contact a Florida child injury lawyer / attorney for advice, consultation, and representation.

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