Arrest Made in Jacksonville, Florida in Infant Beating Death


Jacksonville, Florida was the unfortunate location of headlines lately for the arrest of Jonpaul Anthony Harms (age 20) for the beating death of an infant. According to the Associated Press and Florida Times Union newspaper, Mr. Harms hit his girlfriend’s infant twice with his fist because the child would not stop crying. An autopsy of the child indicated that blunt force trauma was the cause of death of the child.

Child, especially infants, will cry periodically. Why does a child cry? It could be because the child is hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, not feeling well, scared, sleepy, and a number of other reasons. Beating, punching, hitting, pushing or harming the child in any manner is no solution for a crying child. It is a crime. You can read more about the arrest of Jonpaul Anthony Harms at 20 Year Old Arrested in Jacksonville Infant Beating Death.