Are Waivers of Liability Valid As to Child Injuries at a Florida Summer Camp?


In Florida and other States, children are enrolled and participate in summer camp activities. Most children enjoy the activities and have a great experience at summer camp. Others unfortunately suffer serious personal injuries while enrolled in a Florida summer camp. Prior to the beginning of camp, many summer camps require or request that the parents or guardians sign a Release of liability for the child enrolled in the summer camp.

When there is a personal injury at a summer camp with a Release in place, the parents or guardians believe that there is no claim or case to pursue due to the signing of the Release. It should be noted that Releases of this nature have been challenged in Florida courts. Many Judges and Courts have stricken these Releases since they are against the public policy. Generally, a summer camp has a duty to provide reasonably safe facilities, fields, and supervision. Stated differently, the summer camp should not act negligently or recklessly while the summer camp is supervising or caring for the child. Since the issues surrounding an injury and liability release can be complicated, it is often helpful for the parent / guardian to seek legal advice and representation for the injured child. A Florida Child Injury Lawyer can help review the Release and challenge the enforcement and applicability of the Release to the incident that caused or led to the personal injuries of the child.

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