Are Pit Bulls Dangerous to Infants? 7 Day Old Child Mauled by Pit Bull in New Port Richey, Florida


Are Pit Bulls dangerous to infants? The answer to this question will depend on who you ask. Every dog, like every person, is different. Is is fair to spotlight a breed of dog like a Pit Bull as dangerous? Again, it would depend who you ask. In the news and media, there seems to be frequent stories about child suffering serious personal injuries and even death after being bit / attacked by a Pit Bull. One such incident took place in New Port Richey, Florida. It was reported that a 7 day old infant was mauled to death by a Pit Bull. The incident took place during a time period that the mother was sleeping near by. What was it that triggered this aggression in this dog? What the dog aggressive in the past? Is there something about the scent of a baby or the the crying of baby? Whatever the particular facts of this case are, a child died and a family and community are in mourning. People should keep in mind that dogs are animals. As such, they are unpredictable even with no history of aggression or problems. You can read more about this story at 7 Day Old New Port Richey, Florida Child Mauled by Pit Bull.