Anti-Bullying Protection and Guidelines in Florida Schools – Flagler County Considers More Protection for Gay Students


In Florida and other States, students in elementary, middle school, and high school face many challenges. Bullying has been a problem for years. Over the past few years, more school districts are passing policies and enforcing them for the better protection of students and to make the school a safer and more enjoyable learning environment for students. Unfortunately, many children at all levels are being harassed or bullied for no reason at all or because of race, religion, weight, and, yes, because of sexual orientation. It is tough enough for a student, who is gay, to deal with the myriad of issues with being gay in today’s society. While many adults and children are more tolerant than people were 10 or 20 years ago, bullying and prejudice continue to present themselves in Florida schools when a child is gay or labeled as gay or different. It was reported the Florida Times Union that school administrators in Flagler County are considering additional measures, policies, and procedures for the protection of gay students. This follows a complaint about a student (Luke Herberg) who was humiliated in shop class by not only his classmates but also the teacher. The school district reprimanded the teacher for his improper comments according to the Flagler School District’s attorney – Kristy Gavin. Flagler County currently has guidelines in place that ban bullying but do not specifically identify victims who are bullied because of sexual orientation. See Flagler looking at extra bullying protection for gay students after ninth-grader’s complaint.

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