Another Walt Disney Employee Dies After an Accident at Theme Park (Hollywood Studios)


A Walt Disney World employee cast member died as a result of a recent accident at the theme park known as Hollywood Studios. During a rehearsal, Anislav Varbanov, asge 30, died while performing a tumbling move in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular. Anislav apparently suffered a head injury during the rehearsal. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Federal OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Office will be performing an investigation into the incident. From news reports, it is difficult to determine if the staff at Disney or any contractors were negligent regarding this incident. Florida law allows worker’s compensation victims to pursue a claim for damages / injuries regardless of fault. If the injury occurred during the scope and course of the employee’s employment, worker’s compensation should then provide benefits to the injured employee. When there is a death that takes place at work, worker’s compensation has provisions in place to compensate family members for the death regardless of fault. You can read more about this story at Disney Employee Dies During Rehearsal.