Another Unfortunate and Tragic Drowning of a Florida Child (Kimberly Hayward) in a Swimming Pool


Florida is well known as a tourist State and has warm weather that allows for swimming and beach visits virtually year round. Unfortunately, Florida also is known and has its more than fair share of drownings (both children and adults) year round as well. The Associated Press recently reported that a 4 year old girl (Kimberly Hayward) drowned in a backyard swimming pool in South Daytona. Details of the drowning were not reported including the type of supervision in place, the location of the pool, safeguards in place like fences, screens, pool alarms, and pool fences, or the owner of the house or pool. Regardless, a young life was lost and a family and community will surely mourn her death. See 4 Year Old Girl Drowns in Backyard Pool.

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