Fort Meade, Florida 10 Year Old (Miracle Johnson) Shot by a Cousin – Polk County Sheriff Investigation


Another Florida child has died as a result of a gun shot. Miracle Johnson, age 10, was playing in a bedroom of her great-grandmother’s house in Fort Meade, Florida when she was shot according to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. Apparently, an 11 year old cousin was the one who fired the gun. News stories did not provide many important details about this tragic incident including but not limited to the following:

Who was the registered owner of the gun?
What kind of gun was fired?
What kind of safety precautions (if any) were put in place for this gun?
How did an 11 year old boy get his hands on the gun?
Could anything have been done to prevent this tragedy?

Children lack the judgment and good common sense when it comes to danger. This is especially true when dealing with guns and firearms. You can read more about the shooting of Miracle Johnson at 10 Year Old Shot in Home – Polk County Sheriff’s Office is Investigating Incident.

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