Animal Control Hearing over Dog’s Fate Following Serious Dog Bite to 3 Year Old Girl (Erica Leinhart)


In Orange County, Florida, a hearing was held to determine the fate of a German Shepherd breed dog who bit a 3 year old girl at a park. It was reported by the Orlando Sentinel that the dog bit 3 year old – Erica Leinhart – in the face. Following the dog bite incident, the Orange County Animal Service held a hearing to hear statements from the dog owner (Joseph Marcica) and the girls’ parents – David and Alicia Leinhart. The father stated that the injuries to his daughter’s face met the criteria as established by Florida law to meet the injury type that would justify the standard for euthansia of the dog. There were also statement presented by neighbors of the dog owner as to the prior acts of the dog. The dog owner countered with statements that the dog was not dangerous.
See Orange County Dog Bite Attack Animal Services Hearing.

With respect to the animal service hearing, a decision will be made as to the fate of the dog. Whatever decision is made, the fact remains that a child suffered a serious personal injury as a result of a dog attack in Florida. Far too often, children are the unfortunate victims of dog bite attacks. Many of these dog bite incidents are preventable.

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