Angry Jacksonville Florida Customer Crashes into Restaurant

An angry Jacksonville Florida resident crashed his car into a local McDonald’s restaurant because the cashier had previously made mistakes in his order. David Spillers later admitted that he was wrong for crashing his car into the playground and part of the building to McDonald’s. “You want fries with that order . . .” is a common expression. Unfortunately, the cashier forget Mr. Spillers’ order for french fries and this apparently upset Mr. Spillers. It does not appear that anybody was hurt at the time but the crash did go into part of the playground. As a parent and attorney, it made me think about the safety of the playgrounds being set so close to roadways and parking lots. While the Spillers incident was quite unusual, it does show how anger can impact the lives of others. You can read more about this story at McAngry – Customer Enraged Over Mixed Up Order. Over billions served and a few pissed off along the way can be a new slogan for this Jacksonville McDonald’s. If you receive bad service at a McDonald’s or another restaurant, just remember it is just a meal or part of a meal. For your legal needs, you can contact David Wolf at Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. at (904) 355-8888.