Altamonte Springs, Florida – Ex-convict (Vincent Marchese) Abandons Toddler During Police Chase


In Altamonte Springs, Florida, a mother (Brittany Higgs) reported to police that her 3 year old child was kidnapped by a man (Vincent Marchese). Mr. Marchese denies that he kidnapped the child; however, according to a news story reported by the UPI (United Press International), Mr. Marchese fled from the police after being spotted by the police. He crashed his vehicle into a police cruiser, abandoned the child, fled on foot, and then attempted to hide from police.

Mr. Marchese later hid overnight in some bushes in a park in Seminole County, Florida. He was found by a police dog the next morning and arrested. Marchese is an ex-con with felony drug possession and attempted robbery convictions.

Marchese claims that Ms. Higgs never called him to check on her son, or to ask Marchese to return him, saying that he would have brought the boy back if he knew Ms. Higgs was looking for him. He was initially charged with kidnapping, but Altamonte, Florida police have dropped those charges and are now charging him with child neglect along with other charges related to the police chase.

It appears that the police believe Marchese’s story about not kidnapping the child; if he had not run from the police he would still be a free man.

Parents should be extremely careful about their selection of babysitters and caregivers for their children. Whether a child is put in danger by a police chase, an unsupervised bath, hot boiling water in the kitchen, or other situations, it is vital that children are watched by responsible babysitters who focus on the best interest of the child.

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