Allstate Insurance in Florida: State Insurance Commissioner Stops Allstate From Issuing New Automobile Policies

In Florida, Allstate Insurance is the second largest insurer of automobiles. State Farm is first in Florida. The State of Florida Office of Insurance Regulations had previously issued subpoenas requesting information and documentation for Allstate. Apparently, Allstate failed to comply with these requests and the Office of Insurance Regulation responded by stopping Allstate from issuing any further automobile insurance policies until Allstate complied with the subpoena request.

You can read more about the details of this story at the St. Augustine Record – Florida – No New Automobile Policies for Allstate.

I have personally dealt with Allstate in the past. Allstate promotes itself as the “Good Hands” people. While Allstate is a long standing insurance company, Allstate is difficult to deal with in settling out personal injury, automobile accident, and homeowner’s claims. It is important to research a company as to its claims handling reputation and history before purchasing insurance.

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