Alcohol Overdose and Underage Drinking: College Fraternity Members Charged in Death of 18 Year Old Student

Fraternity members of Sigmu Nu were charged with providing alcohol to a minor and using fake identifications. These actions led to the alcohol poisoning death of 18 year old Benjamin Garrison Sprague. Unfortunately, Benjamin drank took much for his body to handle and died from alcohol poisoning consumed at an off campus party. More details about this tragedy can be read at Clemson Students Charged After Drinking Death.

This death that took place at Clemson University is the very reason that states like Florida have a drinking age of 21. I suspect that thousands of lives are saved every year by keeping alcohol out of the hands of those under the age of 21.

It is important for parents, businesses, and everyone else to follow the law and keep alcohol aware from the reach of children.

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