Airbags and Children – Dangers of Personal Injuries and Safety Tips


Airbags in cars: are they helpful or harmful? According to a recent study, airbags save more than 1,500 adult lives per year; what about children’s lives? Due to the extreme force projected by an airbag explosion, these otherwise safety devices can be very harm to children because of their small size. Airbags explode the dashboard and side panels of an automobile in order to protect the driver and passenger. As a consequence, both the driver and passenger will come into extremely forceful contact with these surfaces of the vehicle and suffer personal injuries. For these reasons it is the best practice to have children ride in the backseat of any automobile. Also, the determinative fact should be the child’s weight not age.

Here are a few basic child safety tips regarding children in automobiles:

1. Children under the age of 12-years-old should be placed in child seats and secured by safety belts that fit them well.
2. The ideal place for a child in an automobile is in the backseat.
3. If your child uses an infant child safety seat, the safety seat should be faced backwards and secured in the backseat of the vehicle.
4. Children and adults should always wear their seatbelts. Parents need to ensure that the seatbelt fits comfortably and correctly on their children.
5. If traveling with a child that requires constant attention, it is best to travel with another passenger in the car. A child, in general, can easily distract the driver of the car. Therefore, another mature passenger can aid in decreasing such distractions and result in safer travel for themselves as well as other drivers on the road.

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