Advocating for Diabetic Children in Florida Schools and Day Care Centers


Diabetes is a common disease in children that can be effectively managed with education and diligence by parents, school personnel, and day care personnel. There is a very good article published by the American Diabetes Association titled “Care of Children with Diabetes in the School and Day Care Setting”. The article provides a good overview of the needs of diabetic children and the responsibilities of school and day care personnel. The article points out that parents are the best advocates for their children and should approach school personnel in a calm and informative manner. If you have an issue with a school system provide support for your diabetic children or other special needs child, it may be advisable to retain a child educational rights advocate to protect and enforce the rights of your child. I know some child rights educational advocates in North Florida (Jacksonville) and can refer you to a lawyer should you need this kind of lawyer. If a physical injury to your Florida child occurs as a result school personnel, day care workers, or others, you may also benefit from the advice and representation of a Florida child injury lawyer.

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