Advice to Florida Coaches – Get Training . . . Otherwise Children Get Injured

Florida coaches should get training especially when they are responsible for the supervision and guidance of children. Winning and competition are sometimes emphasized over safety and sportsmanship. This mentality can result in serious bodily as well as psychological injuries to children.


In Connecticut, football coaches were too zealous with their training and conditioning methods. In other to get several members of the team under the maximum weight for a Pop Warner 110 pound division, coaches put the children in garbage bags for drills to increase sweat and weight loss. While the conditioning methods were effective, it landed the coaches in jail for child endangerment.

Supervision and safety of our children are vital to their well being. I have handled numerous cases in which a child has been significantly injured or has died due to poor supervision or negligence maintenance of equipment and property.

Having a safe and healthy child is far more important than qualifying for or winning a game. I suggest that you attend practices with your children and speak with your children about their coaches and training. My daughter plays soccer in a local league. She was at a tournament out of town and had the privilege of playing in the championship match. The other coach told his team of 9 year old girls the following, “Second place is just another way of saying first place losers.” I was appalled at such a statement. It really set a poor example for the children. No matter what our children do or win for that matter – we, as parents, should be supportive of our children. Coaches like this should have been shunned by the parents on his team, but parents (like coaches) get that mentality in their head to win at all costs. Well, in my opinion as an attorney and parent, winning is not everything. Safety and well being far outweigh the spoils of victory. You can read more details about the coaches who were busted for being foolish and careless by reading the article, Untrained Coaches Lead to Injuries of Young Athletes.

If your child suffered injuries due to the neglect of a coach or inadequate supervision of a coach, contact David Wolf – Attorney – Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. (904) 355-8888.

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