Accidental Shooting Victim Recovering from Gunshot Wounds to Chest


A 6-year-old girl who accidentally shot herself in the chest is expected to recover from the accidental gunshot injuries. According to police, the girl’s father Donnell Burney, addmitted he left a gun unattended in the house. The child saw the unattended gun, was obviously curious and started playing the firearm. The girl’s family transported her to Shands Jacksonville Medical Center where she was reported to be in critical condition. Although Burney has not been charged, police did say he could be charged with culpable negligence. To read more on this story please see 6-year-old expected to recover after she was accidentally shot in chest.

Children do not understand the dangerousness of a firearm. In fact, guns are seen as toys or play thing in the hands of a child opposed to a deadly weapon. Regardless of what the child does with a gun, tragic accidents can occur if a child handles a firearm without adequate adult supervision. Although Floridians do have a right to own firearms and store them within the home, Florida parents should lock their guns away eliminating a child’s access. Parents should disable the gun, store the weapon in a lockbox, and store the bullets separately from the gun.

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