Accidental Shooting of 12 Year Old Boy Reported in Gainesville, Florida


In Florida and other States, accidental shootings involving children continue to be reporting. Children are curious and have poor safety awareness and judgment. As such, many such shootings occur when children are just goofing around or playing around with a gun. Because of this, it is important for adults to lock up or secure guns out of the reach of children. In Gainesville, Florida, a 12 year old boy was accidentally shot. He suffered child personal injuries as the bullet went through his hand and into his midsection (abdomen) and then exited his body. Incidents like these can easily be deadly. Gun safety is so important for adults and children alike. Take the time to speak to your children about the dangers of gun. You can read more about this story at 12 Year Old Boy Shot in Apparent Accidental Gun Shooting in Gainesville (Alachua County), Florida.