Accidental Shooting Ends Life of FSU Student – Gun Safety and Better Knowledge Would Have Prevented Death


It is clear that guns are unsafe in the hands of anybody who is not experienced with guns, who does not understands the mechanism and safety features of the gun, and who is not plainly focused on the use of the gun as opposed to other activities. Gun play, whether by a toddler or a college student or anybody else, is dangerous and, at times, ends with the death of a person. In Tallahassee, Jason Keiran (age 20), died when he accidentally shot himself with his roommate’s gun. Vicki Keiran was interviewed by the media and stated that “it was kids messing around with a gun.” This is certain a tragic loss for Vicki and her family. You can read more about this story at Mother of Winter Park FSU student who died in accidental shooting: ‘It was a senseless act’.

Hopefully, others will take notice of Jason’s death and take precautions so that similar events do not happen. In particular, I would recommend the following:

Lock up all guns and the house;

Only take out guns for inspection, cleaning, and for use at a gun range or other safe location;

Never play with a gun especially around other people including but not limited to children;

Educate yourself and all other adult members of the household as to the proper use of the gun including but not limited to the safety settings for the gun;

Never have the gun open and accessible during any party or get together especially those that involve alcohol; and

Respect guns and the power and dangers that they yield.

When there is a death from an accidental shooting, there may be criminal proceedings that result from such an incident. In addition, some homeowner’s insurance claims are made when there is an accidental shooting involving the negligence of others. Some claims are made for incidents that take place in the home covered by the insurance and some are made for incidents that take place outside the home but caused by a person covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy.