ABCs of Water Safety: Good Advice for Florida Pool Owners and Parents

I read an interesting article online about the ABCs of Water Safety. Florida is the number state for drowning deaths and other injuries. As such, there are a great many of Florida children who die or are otherwise unnecessarily injured by preventable drownings. The ABCs of Water Safety are as follows:

A Adults should have eye contact with children around all forms of water
including pools, lakes, canals, oceans, and other water ways. A child can
apparently drown in as little as one inch of water.

B Barriers protecting Florida children and water can save a life. According to an
Arizona study, over 90 % of injuries would have been avoided with a proper
barrier. Barriers include fences, screen enclosures, and fences / gates around
pools. Many homeowners pick style over safety and do not have barriers in
place. This is short sighted thinking especially in homes where children live or
where children visit.

C CPR classes are vital for adults and children so that everyone knows what to do
in an emergency.

Florida homeowners insurance will cover most injuries / deaths involving drownings. It is far better to take a close look at your safety measures first and then your homeowners policy.

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