Abandoned Baby to be Legally Adopted, Birth Mother Still Unknown


In May 2009, a Florida baby was found abandoned in a box on the side of the road in Ocala, Florida. The family that has been caring for her since then will soon be able to legally adopt her. Authorities with the Florida Department of Children and Families have still not been able to identify the child’s birth mother. If the mother had taken advantage of Florida’s Safe Haven law, leaving the baby at an emergency room or fire station, she would not be facing criminal charges. Because she left the baby on the side of the road, she could face prosecution on charges of child abandonment. The birth mother could face many years in jail, if caught. It is unfortunate that this Florida mother was notaware of, or chose not to take advantage of the Safe Haven law. If her child had not been found, the baby would have died without any food, shelter, or care out in the elements. It is fortunate that a loving family is standing by to welcome the child into their home.

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