9 Year Old Deland, Florida Girl Reports Attempted Abduction / Kidnapping – Dangers of Walking Home from School Bus Stop


A 9 year old girl in Deland, Florida recently reported that she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping / abduction as she was walking home from a school bus stop area. The girl reported that a man grabbed her. The girl then screamed. Thereafter, the man ran let her go after the screams and after possibly being scared away once he was spotted by a motorist.

This incident shows the dangers of walking home from a school bus stop. Many working parents are not able to pick up their children from school or at a bus stop area. This, in turn, puts a child in danger for abduction, kidnapping, and injury. Parents should do their best to arrange for supervision and safety precautions for children walking home from bus stop areas. If a parent cannot personally be there, arrangements should be attempted with other parents. In addition, a buddy system should be arranged for children who do not have parental or adult supervision when walking home from a busy stop area.

You can read more about the incident in Deland, Florida at Dangers of Bus Stops for Elementary Aged School Children.