9 Year Old Boy (Chase Brubaker) Dies in Bicycle / Bus Accident – Disney Fort Wilderness


A Spring Break vacation turned tragic when 9 year old – Chase Brubaker – died in a bus / bicycle accident at Disney Fort Wilderness. As reported in the Orlando, Sentinel, Chase was riding his bicycle on a sidewalk. Thereafter, Chase was run over by the rear back tire of the Disney bus. The details as to how the accident happened will be investigated. The issues would involve the following:

Where was Chase riding his bicycle just prior to the incident?

What was the speed limit in the area?

Did the bus driver see Chase or the other bicycle riders prior to the incident?

Was there anything about the bus driver’s driving that caused or contributed to the incident?

Was there anything about Chase’s bicycle riding that caused or contributed to the incident?

People reading about this incident should keep in mind that newspaper and television stories are very brief in nature and often times do not include the full statements of the witnesses, detailed diagrams or accident reconstruction, or other key facts or information to a case of this nature.

It was quite a frightening site for his friend, the bus driver and those on the bus. Police will conduct a thorough accident death investigation into the incident. The accident took place on Big Pine Drive which is a two lane roadway that runs around the Fort Wilderness Campground according to the Florida Highway Patrol. You can read more about this incident at 9 Year Old Boy Dies in Disney Bus / Bicycle Accident.