7 Year Old Suffers Serious Injuries in Bicycle Accident Near Orlo Vista, Florida


A 7-year-old girl sustained serious personal injuries after she was struck by a pickup truck while riding her bicycle in Orlo Vista, Florida, just west of Orange County. The young girl was identified as Angela Caraballo, of Union, Georgia. Angela was transported to Arnold Palmer Hospital where she was treated for serious personal injuries to her face and head. Officials say that Angela was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. Florida officials were unable to say whether or not an adult was supervising the child. Reports identified 66-year-old Lucien Joseph, of Ocoee, as the driver of the pickup truck. A witness told Florida Highway troopers that the little girl attempted to turn her bicycle away from the road, but “failed to turn or stop due to inexperience riding the bike.” Troopers also said Joseph attempted to stop, but the right front end of his truck struck the back of Angela’s bicycle. The impact pushed Angela onto the pavement. The reports by the Florida Highway Patrol do not indicate any charges are being pressed against Joseph. For more see 7-year-old girl sustains serious personal injuries to face and head after struck by pickup truck while riding bicycle, reports indicate she was not wearing a helmet.

Bicycle helmets are scientifically proven to reduce the severity of personal injuries and death in victims of bicycle accidents. Parents and guardians should teach their children to always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. The risk of personal injury can also be reduced if the child is supervised by an adult or other competent person while riding his or her bicycle. For more information on helmet safety see Importance of Bicycle Helmets to Child Safety.