7 Year Old Girl (Anja-J’Kovi Jackson) Dies from Injuries Suffered in Van Accident


In Tampa, Florida, a 7 year old girl (Anja-J’Kovi Jackson) died from injuries suffered in a van accident There were 11 children traveling in the van at the time of the accident. It was reported that none of the children were wearing a seat belt. Anja was the only child who suffered critical injuries. The mother, Amanda J. Nelson, was driving the van at the time of the accident. Ms. Nelson lost control of the van and crashed into a concrete wall. Law enforcement officials are continuing an investigation into this accident.

It is uncertain from details contained news report if a seat belt would have saved the life of this little girl. If a seat belt was available and would have made a difference, it is certainly a tragedy that it was not used. Parents should use all efforts to make sure that a child is safe and secure in a vehicle. This includes the use of seat belts and booster seats. The laws in Florida and other States require the use of seat belts. It is important to follow the law. It is even more important to provide for the safety of children. You can read more about this story at Child Dies Following Van Accident in Tampa, Florida.