7 Year Old Boy Hit While Riding Bicycle in Waterford Lakes – Florida (Watch Out for Pedestrians and Bicyclists)


The Orlando Sentinel reported that a 7 year old boy suffered personal injuries when he was hit on his bicycle while crossing a street. At the time of the bicycle accident, the 7 year old boy was with his grandmother. The driver of the van involved in the accident told police that she stopped at the stop sign and then began to make her turn when the accident took place. The driver was issued a citation by the Florida Highway Patrol for Careless Driving. See Child Hit on Bicycle by Van – Importance of Safe Driving.

Florida Laws regulate drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Due care should be taken anytime that bicyclists or pedestrians are on or near the roadway. Drivers should slow down and pay close attention to the movement and location of pedestrians and bicyclists. Unfortunately in Central Florida and many other areas, children are the unfortunate victims of bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. Many such accidents can be avoided or prevented with better driving and the reduction or elimination of driver distraction.

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