7 Year Old Boy Drowns at Broward County Apartment Complex While Attending Party

A swimming pool is a dangerous area for children when the child is alone. Furthermore, a swimming pool is a dangerous area for children even with people in or near the swimming pool area. Unfortunately and tragically, children die as a result of drowning incidents. Many such incidents are preventable with better safety precautions and supervision. Of course, some drownings result unexpectantly due to a health condition or other unforeseen cause. When a child dies a result of a drowning incident, it is yet another reminder as to the dangers of a common location in every community – the swimming pool.

In Broward County, Florida, the Associated Press reported that a 7 year old boy drowned at an apartment complex. The boy was at the apartment complex to attend a barbeque with his father. See 7 Year Old Boy Drowns at Broward Apartment Complex.

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