6 Year Old Gainesville, Florida Girl (Jani’yah Irving) Run Over By Semi Truck in No Through Route for Trucks


In Gainesville, Florida, a 6 year old girl (Jani’yah Irving) was run over by a semi truck on Northwest 12th Terrace and Northwest 32 Avenue. Jani’yah was riding her bicycle with a friend. Jani’yah had problems stopping at an intersection / stop sign and rode her bicycle under the large semi truck driven by Marcus Olden, Jr. Tragically, Jani’yah was run over by the rear wheels of the truck. While Jani’yah may not have been wearing a bicycle helmet, it does not appear that this would have made any difference with respect to the fatal injuries suffered by Jani’yah.

The Gainesville Police Department and / or the Florida Highway Patrol will conduct an investigation into the death of Jani’yah Irving. In conducting the investigation of this accident, investigators may consider the following factors:

What was the speed limit in the area?
What was the estimated speed of the truck driver?
What was the estimated speed of Jani’yah?
Were the street signs in the area (No Through Trucks, Stop Sign) clearly visible?
Why did the truck driver drive into an area with the No Through Trucks sign?
What other routes were available to the truck driver?

In addition to the police, the family can also retain the services of a private accident reconstruction expert to get an independent analysis of the incident and causes for the same.

It is a shame that such tragedy has befallen the Jani’yah Irving and her family. This incident was the first traffic death of the year for Gainesville, Florida. You can read more about the story at Girl Killed on Bicycle by Truck in Gainesville, Florida.