6 Month Old Jayla Lee Killed in Central Florida Car Crash


Running a red light is a traffic violation. It can also lead to the death of innocent victims like Jayla Lee who was killed in a traffic accident that took place in Lake Wales, Florida. Mitchell Andrew Hilkemeyer ran a red light and crashed into the 1999 Chevrolet driven by Nicole Pounds and her passengers which included Jayla Lee. Jayla was seated in a child safety seat at the time of the crash. The Florida Highway Patrol reported that Jayla died at the scene.

It is a tragedy that a child dies and others sustained serious personal injuries when a driver runs a red light. This story shows the importance of following the rules of the roads and traffic devices. Take a few extra minutes each day to follow the rules of the road and traffic signals. It may take you a few minutes longer to get to your destination but these simple acts of following the law and traffic regulations can truly save lives. You can read about this story at Baby Killed in Central Florida Car Crash.