5 Year Old Arizona Boy (Ivan Marriott) Fractures Pelvis in Disney Bus Accident


In Orlando, Florida, Disney World’s buses and transportation sites convey millions of people in and out of the theme parks and resort areas. Every day, there is a hustle and urgency to get visitors to the parks to enjoy the theme parks and activities. Unfortunately, automobile and bus accidents are reported in Orlando that involve Disney buses and visitors. One recent incident involved a Disney bus driver who rear ended a tour bus for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel that was stopped for mechanical issues. This accident was investigated and reported by the Florida Highway Patrol. Ivan Marriott, age 5, was one of the passengers on the bus. The severity of his injuries were not known until he had returned to Arizona for additional testing. It was later discovered that Ivan actually suffered a fractured pelvis which is an extremely painful kind of injury. For most, a trip to Disney World is filled with fun and great memories. For others, a trip to Disney is not so pleasant especially when a person suffers serious personal injuries. You can read more about this story at Arizona Boy Suffers Pelvic Fracture In Disney Bus Accident – Orlando, Florida.