4 Year Old Nearly Drowned at Church Function in Hosford, Florida


In Hosford, Florida, one family almost found itself in a position that no one ever wishes to be in. On August 2, 2011 Travis Strickland and his 4-year-old nephew, Joseph Barcenas, were attending a church function Woodman’s of the World Swimming Pool when tragedy struck. While chaperones were trying to clear the pool and get everything set up for the evening service, a young man notice Jospeh laying face down on the steps of the pool. The young man tapped Joseph on the shoulder. When the child failed to respond, the man immediately called for help. Fortunately for Joseph, lifeguards and EMT’s were able to recessitate the young boy and get him to a hospital safely.

“I don’t even think I realized who the child was at first. He didn’t have any life in his body at all. He wasn’t breathing. He wasn’t responding. He was basically laying there lifeless,” Travis Strickland told reporters. Strickland claims that God is to thank for Joseph’s recovery and that everyone in the family, including his father in Mexico, have been praying night and day. One of those family members that has been praying for the boy’s recovery is his mother who was not present when the accident occurred.

Strickland believes that Joseph was just sitting on the steps of the pool when he just fell asleep and went face first into the water. This just goes to show how easy it is for a child to fall into a potentially life threatening position any time that a child is in or near water – even shallow water. The good news for Joseph is that he is going to make a full recovery but it is important to know what steps you can take to avoid putting yourself in this sort of situation. To learn more about these safety steps and other information on child drowning, see Drowning Prevention.

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