4 Year Old Child Beaten Over Spilled Milk

A 4 year old child was beaten by a man after the child spilled some milk.


The Florida child suffered injuries to his leg and was taken to University Community Hospital. The suspect initially stated that the child may have fallen in the bathroom. The suspect later admitted that he kicked or stepped on the child’s leg with his steel toed boots. You can read more about this story at Kid Beaten Over Spilled Milk.

In Florida, you need to take a test to get a driver’s license. There is no such test to be a parent or to have a child. Parents should take notice of incidents like this. There is no reason to beat a child. Spilled milk and most of life’s other problems are minor inconveniences rather than “real life” problems.

Children will make messes. Adults do at times as well. While spilled milk is not important, protecting our children is.