3 Year Old Injured – Not Properly Restrained – Car Accident on I-95

Last week, a Jacksonville, Florida 3 year old child was in critical condition following a car accident on I-95.


Channel 4 and the Florida Highway Patrol reported that the child was not properly restrained and was ejected as a result of the accident. The front and back end of the mother’s car were demolished as a result of the accident. The mother rearended a van. In Florida, the driver of the rear ending vehicle is presumed to be at fault unless there are circumstances that excuse such conduct. Generally, a person should keep one car length per 10 miles per hour behind another vehicle. In busy traffic in Jacksonville, this would be difficult to accomplish; nevertheless, drivers should endeavor to keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front to give enough time and distance to come to a stop if necessary. You can read more about this story at 3 Year Old Critically Hurt in Wreck on I-95 in Jacksonville Florida.