3 Year Old Central Florida Girl Drowns in Inflatable Pool in Only 2 Feet of Water


A 3-year-old girl tragically drowned in an inflatable pool in Daytona Beach, Florida. Police initially thought the girl’s death to be solely due to a tragic accident. The girl’s mother left the 3-year-old with her brother in the pool in the garage of their home while she used the restroom. The young girl, identified as Victoria Cunningham, drowned in less than 2 feet of water. No other details regarding Victoria’s are available. The case has been handed over to the Florida Department of Children and Families. For more read 3-year-old girl drowns in inflatable pool in Daytona Beach, Florida. Police are investigating the causes of the drowning including what role (if any) the girl’s brother played who was with the girl while the mother left to use the bathroom.

The death of this young girl is a tragedy for her family and community. As the summer months are approaching, Florida families need to be aware of household safety regarding drownings. A key way to prevent many child drownings is to use direct supervision while children are playing in swimming pools. As illustrated by this news report, a child can drown in a small amount of water when left unattended even for a brief period of time.

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