38 Year Old Man (Franco Costanzo Checchi) Arrested for Exposing Himself at the Adventure Landing Water Park


A 38 year old man (Franco Costanzo Checchi) was arrested for exposing himself in front of 4 children at the Adventure Landing Water Park in Jacksonville, Florida. Jacksonville Beach Police Department officials reported that Mr. Checchi exposed himself to the children in the locker room. The matter will be further investigation and prosecuted by the local State Attorney’s office. You can read more about this story at Police – Man Exposes Himself at a Water Park.

When visiting any water park or rest room for that matter, parents should be watchful for others who may be child predators. It is difficult as a parent to protect a child in public places. Nevertheless, every effort should be made to supervise the child. It is most unfortunate the Mr. Checchi preyed on these children at Adventure Landing. If you have a question about a child that has been injured injured as a result of negligence or the misconduct of another person, it is helpful to have the advice, consultation, and representation of a Florida Child Injury Lawyer.