38 Car Accidents Every Day in Jacksonville, Florida


Automobile accidents and related injuries continue to be a daily problem in Jacksonville, Florida and other cities and towns. The Department of Motor Vehicles is one agency that reports and keeps track of automobile accidents and related injuries. 2004 statistics were reported that there were 14,116 accidents in 2004. This calculates to 38 accidents every day.

Even after decades of research to design safer vehicles, people frequently are injured in motor vehicle accidents / collisions. To be exact, there were 10,455 traffic accident injuries in 2004. Here’s a summary of Duval County’s crash data:

Alcohol Related Traffic Accidents – 1,245
Traffic Fatalities – 131
Alcohol Related Fatalities – 49
Injuries in Traffic Accidents – 10,455
Alcohol Related Injuries – 847
Motorcycle Fatalities – 15
Bicycle Fatalities – 6
Bicycle Injuries – 230
Pedestrian Fatalities – 31
Pedestrian Injuries – 329

Car accidents happen every day. If someone runs into you on the road, seek immediate medical attention, and contact a Florida automobile accident attorney for advice, counsel, and representation.

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