301 Rodeo – Injuries Lead to Death of 16 Year Old Girl (Brooke Ann Coats)


In Florida and other States, bull riding events take place at rodeos and other exhibitions. While most rodeos are about competition and tradition, some are the site of serious personal injuries and even deaths. In Florida, it was reported that a 16 year old girl suffered injuries at 301 Rodeo which is located East of Tampa. Brooke was kicked in the chest after she was thrown off the bull. She was able to walk after the incident. She developed respiratory problems and then collapsed. She was transported to Tampa General Hospital where she died from the injuries.

It is quite tragic that a 16 year old life was ended as a result of this incident. Brooke was obviously a brave and adventurous girl. Her death is a great loss for her family and the community. You can read more about this story at Rodeo – Girl Suffers Life Ending Injuries as a Result of Bull Riding Incident in Florida.

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