2 Year Old (Taner Markal) Run Over in Driveway in New Port Richey, Florida


In New Port Richey, a 2 year old boy (Taner Markal) suffered serious personal injuries after he was run over by a vehicle in a driveway. His mother (Chelsea Decker) was getting her son out of the car and then went to help his twin sister. The vehicle then rolled backwards over Taner Markal. It is unknown what safety precautions Ms. Decker took to prevent an incident like this from taking place. Parents are often times distracted by the demands of multiple children. Was this incident caused by inattention? Was there a defect in the parking brake? Either way, it is a tragedy for this family to have to deal with. It was reported that criminal charges are not expected to be pursued on this matter.

You can read more about this story at Florida 2 Year Old Child Suffers Serious Personal Injuries.

To the surprise of some, driveways happen to be very dangerous places for children. This is especially true in back over accidents or incidents that take place far too frequently. Keep children away from the back end of any vehicles. Make sure that children are cleared away from the area. Drive very slowly in driveways and always use your parking brake.