2 Year Old – Sergio Martinez – Run Over While Riding Tricycle in Driveway in West Palm Beach, Florida


A 2 year old boy (Sergio Martinez) was run over while riding his tricycle in a driveway in Palm Beach, Florida. The Ford Explorer driver, Rangel Rauda, stated that she did not see Sergio as she was backing up her vehicle because there was a parked vehicle blocking her vision. You can read more about this story at Toddler Dies as a Result of Back Up Drive Way Incident at the Florida Times Union Web Site.

Back up drive way personal injuries and deaths to children in Florida and other States are a major problem and have been for years. Senator Bill Nelson (Democrat – Florida) even sponsored legislation to require new automobiles to have backing up safety systems in place to protect children who may be walking, crawling, or biking behind motor vehicles. The purpose of the legislation is to attempt to limit tragedies like the Sergio Martinez incident from taking place. You can read more about this legislation and the national problem of back up driveway deaths and injuries to children at the Official Web Site for Senator Bill Nelson.