2 Year Old (Kaylen Torres) Falls Victim to Accidental Shooting in Ocoee, Florida


In Florida, children are, at times, victims of accidental shootings. Some of these unfortunate incidents result in the untimely death of the child. The Tampa Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel reported that Kaylen Torres – age 2 – was shot in the accident from a bullet from a gun that accidentally discharged in her home. The gun was mistakenly fired by a relative in another room. The bullet went through the wall and struck Kaylen in the had. She was transported to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando Florida where she died with her parents at her side.

It is often times the worst time in the life of a parent to bury or say goodbye to a child. It is at these times that the parents need the support of their families, neighborhood, church, and community to help them through the grieving process. No legal action – whether civil or criminal – can bring the child back to life; nevertheless, legal cases often times result from accidental shootings that involve legal representation from a Florida criminal defense attorney, State Attorney, Public Defender, and, when appropriate, a Florida Personal Injury Attorney. See also The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know.

The accidental shooting death of a child is a life event that no parent can or should ever be prepared for. Many of these incidents, while unforeseeable, are most preventable with the practice and exercise of gun safety and proper storage of guns in the home. Florida and the United States allows individuals and homeowners to own guns. With these legal rights come the responsibility to act sensibly and in the best interest of all those who may be near a gun including children.

When a child dies as a result of a Florida accidental shooting, there are often times criminal cases and civil cases pursued. Following the shooting, police will perform a homicide investigation. The report will details the course of events leading up to the shooting and will often times contain information concerning the details of the gun, the storage of the gun, use of the gun, ownership of the gun, and what safety measures (if any) were taken to prevent the accidental shooting from taking place.

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