2 Year Old Drowns in Pasco County Florida Pool


Florida loses more children under the age of five years to drowning than any other state. In Pasco County, a two-year-old boy drowned in his backyard swimming pool. Authorities said that he slipped outside while his mother was sleeping through a sliding glass door. The woman called 911 after she woke up and found her son, Juan Bermudez, unconscious in the pool, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. The child was taken to Community Hospital, where he was sadly announced dead.

Florida law sets forth requirements for residential pools to help prevent child drowning. The law requires that new residential swimming pools have at least one of the following: an enclosure, pool safety cover, exit alarms on doors, or self-closing, self-latching devices on entries to the pool. The enclosure must be a barrier at least four feet high on the outside and surround the perimeter of the pool. Gates to the swimming pool must also be equipped with self-closing and self-latching locking devices. The residence may be used as one side of the barrier if it does not contain doors or windows that provide access to the swimming pool. For more information on this topic, see Boy sleeps past sleeping mom, drowns in pool.

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