1 Year Old Girl Injured When Tree Falls on the House in Jacksonville (Oceanway) Florida


A one-year-old sleeping baby’s life was saved by her canopy bed when a large oak tree crashed through the ceiling of her home. The tree was blown through the roof of the single- family home located on Yellow Bluff Road in Jacksonville (Oceanway) last week during a thunder storm. When the oak tree fell through the ceiling, the limbs landed on Chyanne Waltman’s canopy bed which protected her from sustaining any serious injuries. However, one tree limb did fall and cut her head open, which caused some swelling. Firefighters took the one-year-old to the hospital to receive treatment for her head injuries, and she was released home hours later that day. The family said they were just relieved that Cheyanne is safe.

Child safety is a vital issue. Although not all accidents can be foreseen, there are plenty of precautionary measures that Jacksonville parents can take to ensure that their child is safe at home. Improper use of electric appliances and children playing with fire and unintentional poisons are just a few of the hazards that are waiting to hurt children in the home. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center designed the “Safety House” to advise parents on how to keep their house safe, and to teach young children how to recognize the hazards that can occur within the home.

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