1 Year Old Baby Drowns in Backyard Swimming Pool in Deltona Florida


A 1-year-old tragically drown in a swimming pool at his family’s or relative’s home in Deltona, Florida. The toddler, identified as Chase Wilson, was found by his relatives at the bottom of the backyard pool. Volusia County deputies were phone a little after 5:00 p.m. about the drowning on Leeward Drive. Responding deputies arrived minutes after they were notified and took over CPR efforts. The deputies were assisted by Deltona Fire Department and EVAC ambulance paramedics. The toddler was rushed to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City, where he was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. According to the Sheriff’s Office, both the toddler’s parents and a grandparent were home when the drowning occurred. The Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the incident. For more details read 1-year-old boy (Chase Wilson) tragically drowns in backyard pool in Deltona, Florida.

While the summer season is a time for fun and outdoor activities for children, it is also a time of year where drownings or near-drowning accidents increase. Families with backyard pools should take the following precautions:

– Make sure access to the pool is locked, preventing or restricting a child’s access.
– Install a safety fence around the perimeter of the pool.
– Install an alarm that will sound when something falls into the pool while locked.
– Do not keep toys in the pool, they can attract children.
– ALWAYS MAINTAIN CONSTANT, DIRECT SUPERVISION OF A CHILD WHILE SWIMMING. Supervision is a critical tool in preventing childhood drownings.

Another drowning fact most families may be unaware of is the amount of water a small child can drown in. Toddlers and infants can drown in a very small amount of water, such as mop buckets, sinks, toilets, etc. Therefore, families with small children, toddlers or infants need to take extra precautions and ensure no standing water is accessible to their children.

For more on childhood drownings in Florida please read Deaths and Injuries Related to Swimming Pools and Drowning – Real Dangers to Florida Children at the Wood, Atter & Wolf, P.A. website.

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