14 Year Old South Florida Girl Dies As a Result of Accidental Shooting – Rights and Responsibilities


In Florida and other States, homeowners have a right to bear arms. While there is a right to own gun, there are also responsibilities that go along with gun ownership. In particular, the gun should be stored in a safe and secure location away from the reach or access by young children. Furthermore, gun owners should take all necessary precautions to make sure that the gun is not fired in the home except for instances involving self defense. In South Florida (Cutler Ridge), a 14 year old girl was accidentally shot to death according to a story reported at the The Miami Herald Newspaper Website and the Florida Times Union Newspaper Website. The bullet hit the child in the head. The girl was transported by emergency helicopter to Miami Children’s Hospital but rescue efforts were unsuccessful in saving her life.

Police detectives and crime scene specialists will investigate this incident to determine the following matters:

Was the gun registered?
What type of gun was involved in this incident?
Who was the registered owner of the gun?
Why was the gun being handled at the time of the shooting?
What safety devices were available on the gun?
Who last handled the gun prior to the shooting?
What was the child doing prior to the shooting?
Were there witnesses to the incident?

When a child visits a home, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to provide a safe and secure environment for the child. Tragically, incidents like these do happen and will continue to happen in the future. You can read more about this story at South Florida Teen Accidentally Shot in Head in South Florida (Cutler Ridge).